Monthly Archive: July 2005

Jul 28

Domino and Sametime through Outlook

Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook (DAMO) DAMO has basically been designed for people who want (or have to use) a Domino server but do not want to use the Lotus Notes client to access their emails. DAMO is a plug-in for Outlook and installs with ease from the setup executable, there is no server side …

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Jul 21

Career Direction and the Impact on End Users

In every organisation promotion and career progression generally involves moving up from the “shop floor” and moving away from end customers. The relationships you enter into tend to be strongest between yourself and customers at the same level. So for example a desktop IT engineer will have much closer relationships with end users than the …

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Jul 19

Domino and Dealing with SMTP Email

This article will be of interest to the following people: 1. You have a Domino SMTP MTA which is pre-release 6 (or Release 6 but you haven’t configured it properly!) 2. You do not use a mail relay which checks the addresses for validity before accepting the messages Again as per the last post this …

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