Monthly Archive: March 2006

Mar 30

Positioning Folders in Notes

Following on from my last post.  You’ll notice I used 0,1,2,3 etc to prefix folders.  This was simply to ensure they appeared at the top of my folder list.  To put folders to be bottom of my list I ise a $ or $$ prefix.  Just a little tip.  

Mar 30

Managing my time

We all work differently.  I agree with Steve that sharing the way we work can help others.  I am in a role which requires me to be involved with 3-6 large (over 2,000 hours) IT projects at any time.  I generally work on the projects to the point that things become repeatable and I can …

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Mar 29

Time Management

Today I turned off email notifications.  It has been amazing how much more productive I am now not being tempted to the in-box every few minutes!  

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