Monthly Archive: April 2006

Apr 28

Portal Technology : Glass or Optics?

Many vendors describe portal software as a glass through which you can view your applications.  I’m still to be won over that portalising applications is the best way to serve them to users.  I’m also increasingly annoyed about the level of version rigidity between portals and those applications.  It is increasingly apparent to me that …

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Apr 25

How to Kill a good idea….

Netgear have a great concept, a wifi phone that integrates with skype (here).  And Amazon are accepting pre-orders.  Top stuff but a recommended retail price of $299.  No way – won’t fly in the UK – certainly not with me!  I was looking forward to this as a skype phone which allows a skype experience without …

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Apr 21

Flavoured versions of software (and email)

Microsoft have hinted recently at flavoured versions of the Office 14 product to suit different styles of information worker (Full Story via Microsoft Watch).  I can just hear the desktop IT managers in large enterprises groaning now!  However in my opinion this is the future.  IBM are also giving different themed experiences in their Workplace …

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