Monthly Archive: October 2006

Oct 29

Family News

Breaking with the tradition of keeping home events on the homeblog I’m delighted to announce the arrival of our second child Aidan William.  For more info see the homeblog.  

Oct 16

Innovation and Design

Last night I listened to In Business on radio 4.  The show is available for 7 days online and is well worth listening to.  Peter Day interviews Nathan Myhrvold (Microsoft’s former chief scientist).  While not specifically IT related it is interesting especially a brief discussion on the form that PC’s will take in the future …

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Oct 14

Blogging survey

If any bloggers have 5 minutes to spare then Karen McCullagh a researcher at Manchester is looking for responses to her research: I’m conducting an online survey to explore the privacy attitudes and expectations of bloggers. Please take part in the survey: If you participate you will be asked to answer questions anonymously about …

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