Monthly Archive: September 2007

Sep 19

Lotus “Live”

So is this the start of Lotus “Live“?  There were many who wondered when IBM would reach into the collaboration software as a service market.  It appears they have with a new offering “Applications on Demand (TM) Lotus Notes and Domino”.  Catchy title though, that must have taken a few committees and excluded all the marketing folks :-)  …

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Sep 18

A documents day

Google added presentation tools to their portfolio.  What I wasn’t expecting which we see is the ability to share a live presentation with a number (not sure of limits) participants, with persistent chat…add Google talk and chat and waddya get? hmmm….. And Lotus announced Symphony their free open source based word processor, spreadsheet and presentation …

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Sep 13

The Marriage of Public Social Networking Sites and the Enterprise

If the Social Network is the Groom and the Enterprise is the bride then the father of the bride (lets assume thats all of our CEO / Chair) will not be best pleased with this rough upstart that is about to join the family.  This week we’ve seen much negative press (BBC) about the waste …

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