Monthly Archive: October 2007

Oct 23

Office Live Workspace

Microsoft has announced pre-registration for a collaborative workspace where anyone can share documents, upload directly from office applications, and synchronise calendars and task lists.  Peter has some coverage of this, also here, and the product page is here. For small businesses and even some enterprise collaboration activities this tool will be adopted by information workers.  …

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Oct 16

Idea Jam

A collaborative effort (see press release here) has resulted in IdeaJam.  The aim of the site is simple.  Ideas are suggested then the community promote or demote ideas resulting in a wisdom of crowds ranking of ideas.  The solution has been developed on, by and for the Lotus collaborative community.  Due for formal launch on …

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Oct 15

Effective Collaboration Arrow

I’ve been thinking recently about effective collaboration, the move from email and how some projects in the same organisation with the same tools manage collaboration better than others. I came up with this very basic diagram, so what am I trying to say? Personal Willingness : Without personal buy in to collaborate beyond email effective …

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