Monthly Archive: January 2008

Jan 21

Notes Compacting

I’ve been asked a number of times by people who use Notes about databases with not too many documents in them yet lots of space consumed.  This is particularly important when trying to free up space with low quotas imposed.  The problem comes down to the fact that with local replicas the indexes created to …

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Jan 16

More thoughts on Twitter / Microblogging

While fitting some doors to a bookshelf last night my mind wandered to twitter, don’t ask he how!  The thought was that we are using twitter with our colleagues to replace the general verbal announcements we’d all have when co-located.  “Just nipping for lunch”, “Going for a coffee, anyone else” – the sentences not aimed …

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Jan 15


Microblogging using twitter has become part of my daily life quicker and more effectively than Instant Messaging did.  The key benefits to me are: The social nature of following tweets Its much quicker than blogging and I can do it from all my devices without issue The clients are good, I recently moved 100% to …

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