Monthly Archive: June 2008

Jun 30

A week enjoying reading

Last week I was on holiday. For the first time I decided that I’d take the laptop the ground-rule being that I would avoid email and IM – thus focusing on reading the flow from feeds and twitter.  In the week prior I had subscribed to absolutely every feed where I had been linked to …

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Jun 24

The Generation Game

I’ve been reading with interest some recent stirring of the debate around the digital natives starting to enter the enterprise. On one side, Jason Hiner’s post from TechRepublic: "What’s going to change Many users will bring their own equipment (primarily laptops and smartphones) Users will often select their own apps and tools More workers will …

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Jun 20

3 Years on – a reflection

Well a few folks have been talking about, a neat little java applet which creates a tag cloud from text you paste into it.  Great I though I wonder what would happen if I compared my first blog posts with my recent posts.  So here is today what is on my home page today …

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