Monthly Archive: March 2011

Mar 30

My two best non-tech technical purchases on 2011 – Pogo Stylus, The North Face Surge Backpack


First recommended purchase is a Pogo Sketch Stylus for the iPad. I bought this to use with apps like notes plus which offer a magnified writing pad and a wrist pad. I still find capacitive touch screens are nowhere near as good as a pen based Tablet PC but the pogo is worth it for …

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Mar 28

I’m testing a new comment mechanism on the blog…

please let me know whether you like or dislike it.  I’m not sure it will survive the week at the moment.  

Mar 26

Drinking from a hose pipe

We all live in a world where managing information is key.  If I look back 20 years I got most information from books and libraries, research involved paper and general announcements and news came through in trade magazines.  Its an area that has been completely turned on its head, and continues to change.  I thought …

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