I’ve been out of the office now on holiday and then through sick leave for almost a month now.  After my holiday I was pretty poorly which started with me getting headaches, something that I’m blessed never happens to me normally. Accompanying the headaches was fluid loss from my nose (suspected CSF Leak) which the medics are attributing to an innocuous and minor bump on the head while on holiday.  Anyhow I’m no longer bed ridden by headaches but still need to spend several hours each day bed-rest, at the moment can only last short periods mobile and short periods in front of a screen.  The other symptoms that have much improved have been some memory loss episodes and using the wrong words, the boys were most amused when I asked them whether they were looking forward to their day at “food” rather than school.  This has really made me appreciate what folks must go through who have serious brain injuries or illness.

Next medical step for me is CT and MRI scans and I’m now in the NHS queue for someone who is acute but not an “emergency”.  The likely outcome is that the problems will have fixed themselves and no action other than continued rest is required.  Every cloud has a silver lining and the time without the usual professional pressures gives time to reflect, listen to podcasts and do limited reading.   I’ve been thinking of some interesting strategies for my field, so be prepared for me returning folks (although till then I’ll still be offline most of the time and not getting stressed by my in-box (i.e. not looking at it!).  I’ve also committed to myself that I will spend more time writing and publishing here when I’m back to health.  Hoping for a phased return starting 23 September but will only know more on Friday.


  • Michael Sampson

    Get well soon Stu. Sorry to hear you have been unwell.

  • Nattie McNutterton

    Hurry up Stu – don’t make Bob go it alone!!

  • http://tactics.wordpress.com/ Charlie Hope

    Sorry to hear you’ve been so poorly… get well soon.

  • Phil G

    I didn’t realize you had such as situation going on until I opened up Facebook and found this update. I hope you are on the mend and feeling better. I look forward to your future writings – you write about interesting ideas, put them in new light and communicate well.

  • Carl Williams

    Hope to see you back soon buddy. Good blog by the way.