Monthly Archive: December 2013

Dec 21

My Personal Knowledge Management Systems : Evernote, Instapaper and OneNote


Its about time I updated my old post on personal knowledge management.  Things have changed somewhat since that time.     Industry Updates – Twitter I tend not to use twitter for research, however if something comes through in twitter that is of interest then it’ll get logged for either reading or captured in my …

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Dec 10

Is Enterprise Software Ready for the Personal Digital Assistant?


Its 2018.  You are woken early by your alarm and see on the screen that traffic en-route to your first meeting is heavy.  As you walk into the shower your home sensors know its you and that your preference is to hear your calendar for the day which is played through the speakers which integrate …

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Dec 05

Conference Notes 2


  The hardware was just the half of it in terms of conference experience and I am a big fan of note taking during sessions.  I need to write to ensure I capture key points and re-enforce the speakers comments not captured on slides (particularly important with Industry Analysts!).  So also during the last big …

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