Apr 11

FutureWork14: Introducing the concepts


My aim with this post is to begin a series of posts to debunk some of the marketing myths about work and workplace technology.

Working with information and bringing various bits of information together, thinking about it, collaborating with it, then creating something is what makes many of us tick.  If I phase that in my simple mind it is:

  • Gathering
  • Thinking
  • Collaborating
  • Creating

Each phase has its own characteristics and best lends itself to different locations, different spaces within locations and different devices when in those spaces.  Flexibility and mobility is an absolute necessity for knowledge work, both in terms of time and location.  I sit here now having woken early, spend some time reading on a tablet on a sofa before now locating on a table with a laptop to write this.  Todays work is all about efficient flow.

  • Efficient Information flow
  • Efficient Location flow
  • Efficient Device flow

But beyond efficient flow we need our time to be productive.  Productivity is really a race not just for enterprises but for each of us as knowledge workers.  The trouble with time is we get no younger, no faster, no more brain cells, but we do get more efficient in our use of time, better at leveraging networks and gain more knowledge assets.  We certainly need to be a journey to improve productivity as not only do we have a global workforce eager to take our jobs snapping at our heels we also have the things we type into becoming smart enough to automate many jobs and begin to learn:

47% of all current U.S. jobs are at risk over the next two decades because they consist primarily of tasks that can be automated in that time period.

Source: Tom Austin

I for one am looking forward to a level of automation and the introduction of personal digital assistants (see previous posts 1 2).  To revert to the location point the competition for the roles specialist perform is global in nature, and increasingly knowledge workers need to find a specialist niche.

So the point of the post and coming back to the title.  We as a workforce in Europe and North America are not getting younger.  We all need systems to cope better with the aging workforce and also recognise that in many cases the younger workforce need help to become efficient workers and are not coming armed with the skills needed – that is anecdotal so I hope I can uncover some research in that area.

The second key point I wanted to get across was one of creativity.  A combination of place, space and device come to support us in creation.  A few months ago on a call I heard someone say “all I need to work is a coffee shop and a network connection”.  My heart sank that this person felt that they could do their most productive creative work with a small screen in a space designed to sell food and drink.  During this series I will try to debunk the myths on mobility, devices, place and space.  I hope you’ll join me and interact for which I’ll use the tag #futurework14.


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Information on CSC MyWorkStyle

We’ve been quite busy here at CSC recently bringing a new Workplace offering to market with a new commercial model.  We’ve worked hand in hand with our partners Microsoft, Citrix, Polycom and in my space also Lenovo, AppSense, Avecto and 1E.  As more and more information is released prior to our formal launch I’ve tried to summarize today’s content below:

Personalizing Your Workplace Experience Infographic (PDF)

Personalizing Your Workplace Experience Brochure (PDF)

CSC MyWorkStyle Web Page

CSC Workplace Services Web Page

A short video from our partner Citrix on the new offering.


Apr 03

Hi Cortana, pleased to meet you


Yesterday from the Microsoft Build event we started to hear more about Microsoft’s answer to the personal digital assistant.  Everyone is taking this seriously and we are finally starting to see the emergence of intelligent assistants which interact with other apps and data on the phone (see my December 2013 post).  This for me is the key to these tools being accepted by enterprises and in turn increasing the productivity of their employees.  The challenge for us as employees is we’ll have to be more productive, if we don’t then our peers will!   Tom Austin, of Gartner, has predicted that 51% of information workers will be impacted in some way by Smart Machines, including personal digital assistants, by 2020.  To paint a picture:

How susceptible is your job to computerization? According to Frey and Osborne, 47% of all current U.S. jobs are at risk over the next two decades because they consist primarily of tasks that can be automated in that time period.

Moving back to the enhancement of these technologies … I now hope that the developers of solutions that containerize data on devices for enterprises will enable data flow to the personal digital assistant.  The augmentation of that data with the data in the public domain (maps, traffic, weather, other sensor based data) will provide us with much better information on which to make decisions about our activities.  Here are some thoughts on integration points for us to watch for:

  • Microsoft already support voice control of calendars in Exchange with simple interactions like “I’ll be late” resulting in messages being sent to attendees.  Well that voice interaction could be integrated to Cortana (or Siri or Now).  But the digital assistant itself could simply inform everyone while you concentrate on driving through congestion or parking your car.
  • Travel applications could see that travel approval for a trip has arrived, know your preferences, provisionally book travel itineraries for your approval.
  • Interact with beacon services in offices to guide you to appropriate working areas for the tasks you need to perform that day.  Automatically group people together who have a similar aim that day.

There will be thousands of other use cases but I’m pleased Microsoft, and I’m sure Apple and Google, are on this journey.  Its going to be exciting to see how this matures.


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