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Mar 29

Notes and Domino 7 : Stack Traces

Well excellent news for all those admins who have previously spent quite some time extracting stack traces from NSD files.  For those not interested stop reading now! The automatic fault recovery in ND7 includes a re-start notification which is emailed to administrators.  My reading is slightly behind, but thanks to this LDD article I can see …

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Feb 28

Executive / Assistant – email becomes workflow

I read an interesting paper produced by IBM today whilst travelling to London (link). The paper focused on email as a shared mail resource both from generic mailboxes “” down to the level of a personal assistant and executive sharing the executives mail database. What struck me from the report is the fact that these …

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Feb 23

NSD Analysis

OK, so here goes on a lengthy post for the admins amongst us on NSD Analysis.  An area I feel I know quite well …. however as you’ll remember from my last post this is based on publicly available information. NSD (or Notes System Diagnostic) is the name given to software bundled in Domino to …

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