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Apr 11

FutureWork14: Introducing the concepts


My aim with this post is to begin a series of posts to debunk some of the marketing myths about work and workplace technology. Working with information and bringing various bits of information together, thinking about it, collaborating with it, then creating something is what makes many of us tick.  If I phase that in …

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Jan 04

Workplace versus Workspace


  For many who read this blog or stumble on this post the Workplace is a strange term.  Increasingly for many of us a surface available to us is where we work.  The Workplace is increasingly the best place to do what we need to do which could be solitude, remote collaboration, in-person collaboration.  I’m …

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Apr 28

Desktop versus Tablet versus Frames ….. or is it a blend?

There was a lot of interests sparked late last week on a Forrester report relating to the future of end user computing. In a blog post relating to the research the author, Frank Gillett, tells CIOs that the future of end user computing being dominated by tablets: …tablets are very good for information consumption, an …

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