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Apr 28

Desktop versus Tablet versus Frames ….. or is it a blend?

There was a lot of interests sparked late last week on a Forrester report relating to the future of end user computing. In a blog post relating to the research the author, Frank Gillett, tells CIOs that the future of end user computing being dominated by tablets: …tablets are very good for information consumption, an …

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Mar 07

Knowledge Work, Aging and Apprenticeships


In the UK we are getting older as a population, information overload is common, and we need to transfer knowledge.  Over the past few weeks I’ve read a few articles which discuss the shortfalls in both professional education and identify needs in workplace professional development. Craig Roth discussed MBA courses and the use of simulations …

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Dec 30

The Car’s the star

About 3 months ago the growing family forced a new car upon us. Opting for a Ford s-max I wasn’t expecting much and it came with integrated satnav/Bluetooth. While the satnav is almost useless I now won’t buy a car without Bluetooth. Funnily enough I don’t love it for the phone, which is too distracting …

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