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Dec 05

Conference Notes 1


I’ve been testing different devices for use at conferences and thought you’d enjoy the outcome…well if you are a geek that is.  The top 3 were, in reverse order:   3.  The Lenovo Tablet 2 :     I just don’t get on with this device and found out of preference this was being left …

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Mar 26

Drinking from a hose pipe

We all live in a world where managing information is key.  If I look back 20 years I got most information from books and libraries, research involved paper and general announcements and news came through in trade magazines.  Its an area that has been completely turned on its head, and continues to change.  I thought …

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Mar 11

Later Folks


Are we getting to the point that we can’t read anything now?  I have this problem at work and at home.  Like most knowledge workers the workplace can be a cacophony of distractions.  Reading means locking myself away somewhere quiet.  Home is a cacophony of distractions too. To support us all in the quest to …

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